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Contact details:
tel. +7 913 968 12 50
Our dance club brings together people who like to communicate, discover the world, learn something new, learn to do something unusual, learn to dance.
What do we dance?
   West coast swing, or WCS, is a popular form of swing dancing that has spread from the United States across the world.
   Part of the appeal of WCS is that it can be danced to a variety of musical styles and tempos, from swing and soul to contemporary, hiphop, and of course the blues. In addition, the dance itself creates room for improvisation and interaction between the partners.
   WCS is a lead-follow partner dance that emphasizes the conversation between the partners. It is generally danced in a linear slot, with the follower moving to either end of the slot and the leader remaining in the center.
   Unlike most partner dances West coast swing encourages play between the partners. The leader can give the follower the freedom to do whatever she feels at a given point in the song. This interaction, or “play,” is one of the reasons that WCS is such a creative and personalized dance.
   Philosophically, Modern West Coast Swing is in large part defined by an emphasis on musicality and connection. It is much more than a style and syllabus of figures, it embodies the West Coast attitude about dance, a mindset of freedom, ease, flexibility and infinite possibilities. West Coast dancers focus more on the way dance feels, the subjective experience of dancing.
   West Coast Swing is being danced all around the world.
In 1988, West Coast Swing was pronounced the Official State Dance of California.
Where and when?
Lessons are held on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday.
Monday, Saturday - the assembly hall of the hostel at Prigorodnaya street 9, building 1.
Wednesday - 6th OmSU building, auditorium 212 - Lickiewicz Square, 1.
Beginning of lessons at 17:00.
Who conducts the lessons?
Nevezhina Svetlana Borisovna
tel. +7 913 968 12 50
Lessons are free!!!
Here we go again guys! Saturday 2nd of September 2017, the Wcs Flashmob is coming back around the world, with still the same goal, to promote Wcs!

The West Coast Swing International Flash Mob is an perfect example demonstrating how dance is universal thriving in a global community across borders, boundaries, cultures and religions.
Let's dance with the whole world this year too!
It does not matter whether you are able to dance or not, come and learn movements on any of the following days:
Monday (at 18 o'clock),
Saturday (at 16 o'clock).

In the assembly hall of the hostel Omsk State University at the address:
st. Suburban, 9, building 1.
You can already start learning! We hope, this time we will be even more!
Dance? I'd rather have my fingernails pulled out!
Peter Lovatt
Dance Psychology

I Don't Feel Like Dancing...

People feel sexy, passionate, empowered and alive when they dance. For some people, dancing makes them feel relaxed, content and whole, and for some other people the act of dancing brings them close to a state of self-actualization, spiritual completeness, and a state of mind-body harmony. These are the lucky ones.
Now spare a thought for the others. Those for whom the act of dancing, or thought of dancing, or even just watching someone dance, makes them cringe. Hundreds of people have told me why they don't, or won't dance. Here are the top two reasons why people don't dance.

So many people, and especially men, tell me that they don't dance because they feel self-conscious. To be self-conscious means that we are consciously self-aware and in addition we feel that other people are also aware of us, and may be judging us negatively.

A woman in her 30's wrote "I feel self-conscious and feel like I'm doing it wrong and that people will notice" and another woman in her 50's wrote "I don't dance because I am not very good at it and I have this feeling that people are watching and laughing at me".

This lack of confidence in one's "ability" to move freely in public to music clearly has a debilitating effect. One man in his early 30's made the astonishing statement "I think I'm too ugly to dance" and several other men expressed similar sentiments ("I look foolish", "I look and feel stupid", and "It looks funny...when I dance") concerning how they think they look when they dance. With such perceptions it is unsurprising that some people steer well clear of the public dance floor and react negatively to the prospect of social dance.

Clearly there are some forms of dance, such as tango and west coast swing, that require a partner. Despite the existence of solo dance forms many people say that their reasons for not dancing are based on relationship issues.

One of the joys of being a parent is the opportunity to dance with your children. However, it seems that dancing with your parents can put some people off dancing for the rest of their lives. One young teenage girl wrote that her reason for not dancing socially anymore is because "I had to dance with my mom once and it sucked". Poor mom. Oh well, at least Mom will have her husband to dance with. Not so. "My husband never danced and I'm too old now to find another partner... although I have asked!" wrote a woman in her 60's.

A number of men seemed to get to the heart of their reasons for dancing (and not dancing). For them it is all to do with finding a mate. "The only times I have ever danced were to try and pick up women" wrote a man in his early 30's and another man of the same age wrote "I do not dance now because I am married with a child".

There is some scientific evidence suggesting that we are engaged in social dance as part of a courtship display and furthermore that the way we dance in social settings is influenced by our hormonal and genetic make up.

When people tell me that they want to dance but cannot because they feel too clumsy, awkward, unskilled or un-partnered it convinces me of the need to reframe social dance as a fun and natural activity where there are no hidden agendas and no opportunities to get it "wrong". When you relax and dance in a free, natural way you express who you are. What can be "wrong" about that?